Amos Turchet


Postdoc in Mathematics

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Mathematical Sciences

Chalmers University of Technology and University of Gothenburg

SE 412 96 Gothenburg, Sweden

Room H5003

tamos (at) chalmers . se
Office: (+46) 31 772 35 10


I am a Postdoc Researcher at the Math Department of Chalmers University of Technology under the mentorship of prof. Per Salberger. I am a member of the Algebraic Geometry and Number Theory group, working on Diophantine, Arithmetic and Algebraic Geometry.

I attained my Ph.D. in Mathematics on May 29, 2014, at the University of Udine under the supervision of prof. Pietro Corvaja with the Thesis Geometric Lang-Vojta Conjecture in the projective plane.

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My main research interests are Diophantine, Arithmetic and Algebraic Geometry. Roughly speaking I am studying equations with rational coefficient and their solutions in either integrals or rationals using geometric methods. This field of mathematical research is called Diophantine Geometry and it is a fascinating subject with a very long history which can be traced back to Diophantus.

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I organize the Algebraic Geometry and Number Theory Seminars at Chalmers and GU.

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