Workshop in Bioinformatics and Statistical Genetics

Göteborg, Sweden
May 9-13, 2000

In the spring 2000, the Stochastic Center in Göteborg, organizes a theme semester in Bioinformatics and Statistical Genetics. During this period many guests are visiting the Stochastic Center, which is located at Matematiskt Centrum, Chalmers University of Technology, in Göteborg. 

The main event during this theme semester is the workshop in May, which takes place at the Nordic Folk Academy. This is located in an area called Nya Varvet on the harbour front in the western part of Göteborg, approximately six kilometers from the city centre. Special sessions are planned in the following themes:

For more information about the workshop, send e-mail to Marianne Månsson or Olle Nerman.


Program Committee:
Arndt van Haesler (Leipzig), Bernard Prum (Paris), Olle Nerman (Göteborg), Mats Rudemo (Göteborg), Michael Waterman (Los Angeles).

Organising committee:
Karin Hardell, Peter Jagers, Marianne Månsson, Olle Nerman, Ilona Pulvänäinen, Mats Rudemo, Ziad Taib.

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Workshop Secretariat

Department of Mathematical Statistics
Chalmers University of Technology
Gothenburg, SE-421 96
Telephone: +46 31 7723521 
Facsimile: +46 31 7723508 

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