Workshop in Statistical Methods in Fatigue of Materials

March 29-April 1, 1998

The workshop was held in Borås at Swedish National Testing and Research Institute, (map of the institute). The workshop was organized by Georg Lindgren and Igor Rychlik, Mathematical Statistics, Lund University, Lennart Josefsson, Solid Mechanics, and Jacques de Maré, Mathematical Statistics, Chalmers University of Technology and by Thomas Svensson and Boel Wadman, Swedish National Testing and Research Institute.

The workshop began with registration on Sunday evening, March 29. The lectures started at 9. AM on Monday March 30 and ended at 4.PM on April 1. The scientific programme, current at that time, as well as a copy of the announcement, are still available.

Important dates for the workshop were

January 15: Last day for submission of registration forms and extended abstracts for presentation
February 1: Accepted registration forms and contributed presentations were announced.
February 10: Last day for payment
The secretariat for the workshop was administrated by Marianne Pettersson and Boel Wadman, both at SP, Borås.

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