Visiting Research Programme in Fatigue March - April, 1998

As a part of a national cooperation network in mathematical statistics a visitors research program was established. Two major participants in the network are Lund University and Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg. The intention was, and still is, to have one or two topics each semester during five years, starting with biostatistics spring 1997, followed by programs in energy modelling, telecommunication models, extremes and risks.

A program for statistical methods in fatigue was scheduled for the spring semester 1998. The emphasis in the program was on statistical aspects but some of the invited participants represented the experimental and engineering side. It was arranged by Georg Lindgren and Igor Rychlik in Mathematical Statistics in Lund and Lennart Josefsson in Solid Mechanics and Jacques de Maré in Mathematical Statistics in Gothenburg.

The fatigue program was held in March-April 1998, with March in Gothenburg and April in Lund with an intermediate workshop at the Swedish National Testing and Research Institute in Boras. The following researcher spent March at Chalmers:

Name Period
Dr Thomas Svensson, (SP, Sweden) Feb 27 - March 27
Professor Tim Topper, (Canada) March 2 - 27
Pär Johannesson, (Lund, Sweden) March 2 - 6, 18 - 27
Professor Georg Lindgren, (Lund, Sweden) March 4 - 27
Professor Yukitaka Murakami, (Japan) March 13 - 27
Dr Sven Erick Alm, (Uppsala, Sweden) March 16 - 27
Dr Igor Rychlik, (Lund, Sweden) March 16 - 27
Dr Stefano Beretta, (Italy) March 18 - 27

The guests were of three kinds, long term visitors (2 months), short term visitors (up to a month) and participants in the workshop. The intention was to have four guests of each of the two categories, and another dozen participants in the workshop.

The departments of mathematical statistics in Lund and in Gothenburg are approximately of the same size with about 6 - 8 professors, 10 associate and assistant professors, and 20 graduate students each. The Division of Solid Mechanics at Chalmers has 4 professors, 6 associate and assistant professors, and about 15 graduate students. The departments are involved in many joint research projects with industry and with the Swedish National Testing and Research Institute.

The duties of the visitors were simply be to be around and to participate in the seminars. Some visitors gave tentative seminars during March. There was several graduate students around, enjoying the opportunities for collaboration with each other, other guests and local faculty.

Jacques de Maré
Chalmers University of Technology

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