Practical details (kurs-PM)

Examiner and lecturer:
Thomas Ericsson
E-mail: thomasatchalmersdotse, phone: 772 10 91
Office: L2075, Chalmers tvärgata 3

Course homepage:

Course literature:

There are two lectures and two labs every week. See the Course adm. link on the homepage for details.

To pass the course you must finish the compulsory computer assignments and get a passing grade (at least) on a take home exam.  For practical details, see Course adm. link.

Computer assignments:
The most important part of the course is the labs, "learning by doing''. The labs should be done in groups of one or two students, not more than two. We have two lab-sessions per week, when you can get help. You probably need to work with labs in your own time as well. There are deadlines for the labs, see the Assignments-link on the homepage. The group should present their solution to the labs at the computers, during a lab-session. You should not hand in any written report, in other words, and you cannot hand in the labs using e-mail. For this organization to work, show your solution as soon as it is ready. If everyone waits until the deadline there will be long waiting times.

It is cheating to copy code or ideas from other groups. Letting someone copy your assignment is also cheating.

If you do not have an computer account, you should get one from the Heldesk (I cannot give you one).

About registration: if you are a Chalmers student, and have not registered, you should contact your Student Centre to register. The math-dept, cannot register you. GU-students and PhD-students do not have to register this way.