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TMA371 Partial Differential Equations TM, 1997

Obs! omtentamen lördag 29/8 1998 f MN (dvs kl 8.45-12.45)

General information.

This is the first course on differential equations in the Engineering Mathematics program, Teknisk matematik, at Chalmers. Of course students who are not following this program are also welcome. The course consists of 35 lecture hours, 14 exercise hours and 21 hours of computer exercises and gives 4 points.


Stig Larsson (Lectures)
telephone: 772 35 43, 45 46 93 (home)
Matematiskt Centrum, Eklandagatan 86, room 2329

Bernt Wennberg (Lectures)
telephone: 772 53 26, 14 82 49 (home)
Matematiskt Centrum, Eklandagatan 86, room 2243

Rickard Bergström (Exercises)
telephone: 772 53 14, 22 17 71 (home)
Matematiskt Centrum, Eklandagatan 86, room 2228

Where and when:

Tuesdays: Lectures 13.15-15.00, Exercises 15.15-16.00, Time for questions 16.15-17.00
Thursdays: Time for questions 8.00-8.45, Exercises 9.00-9.45, Lectures 10.00-11.45.

Date 8-10 10-12 13-15 15-17
4/11 VK VK
6/11 VH VB
11/11 VG VG
13/11 VH VH
18/11 VB VB
20/11 VH VH
25/11 VK VK
27/11 VH VH
2/12 VK VK
4/12 VH VH
9/12 VK VK
11/12 VG VG


K. Eriksson, D. Estep, P. Hansbo and C. Johnson, Computational Differential Equations, Studentlitteratur 1996 (available at the Cremona book shop for SEK 386:-).

Home Assignments (Voluntary):

During the course two sets of assignments will be handed out. Each set will be divided in two parts. One part contains problems of the same type as on the final exam, but more complex and time consuming, the other part consists of computer exercises. You will account for your work by handing the solutions to the problems and a short report on the computer work done. The home assignments can give a maximum of 12 bonus points on the final exam, where the computer exercises give 0-4 points each and the problems give 0-2 points each.
The assignments will be available here as soon as they are ready:

Note that there has been an error in assignment 1b. In the first equation, in the left hand side, we wrote c(x) but this should be c(x) u(x). This is now corrected.

Assignment 1 is corrected and can be picked up at my room (Rickard's, 2228) together with solutions to part b.

Assignment 2 is corrected and can be picked up at my room (Rickard's, 2228). See also my comments on numerically solving a PDE.

Frequently asked questions:

Running Adfem on Windows
New hint on problem 5.3
The definition of the energy norm
For assignment 1b, problem 1c, remember that delta(y-x)=delta(x-y)
The Robin boundary condition in ass. 1b, prob. 1
How to find the function F(v) to minimize

Old exams with solutions:

Two old exams with solutions are available at Rickard's room. One more old exam will be handed out later.

Exam 97-12-16 with solutions. Exam 98-04-14 with solutions. Exam 98-08-29 with solutions.

Final exam (Compulsory):

The final exam is written and will contain both problems and theory questions. Examples of old exams with solutions will be distributed during the course. The grades on the exam will be:

The exam will be December 16, 14.15-18.15 in VV, no aids allowed.
The corrected exams will be available in the reception room at Matematiskt Centrum which is open during lunch time, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, no later than three weeks (=15 working days) after the exam.

Note for GU students: you will have a separate exam, covering also Chapter 20.

Weekly program:

What has happened so far:

There is a course diary describing the work done so far on lectures and exercises.

Rickard Bergström,
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