TMA521/MAM340 Project course: Optimization TM, 5 credits, second quarter 2003


Ann-Brith Strömberg <>, tel.: 772 4297, Fraunhofer-Chalmers Research Centre, Industrial Mathematics Ann-Brith's home page

Michael Patriksson <>, tel.: 772 3529, room 5218, Michael's home page

A partial reading list

Hand outs:

March 17: The paper [BFJ91], together with slides; Chapter 3 (on well-solved problems) of [Wol98]; Chapter 2 (on 0-1 knapsack problems) of [MaT90]

March 21: Chapter 7 (on matroids) of [Law76]; Chapter 10 (on Lagrangian duality) of [Wol98]; notes on the network design problem

March 28: Paper [LPS98] on primal recovery; Paper [LaP93] on global optimality conditions

April 4: Chapter 3 (on Dantzig--Wolfe and column generation) of [Las70]; notes [Tak00] on column generation; notes on column generation

April 11: Notes on branch and price