Some hints on using Diffpack on the Chalmers Mathematics computer system

To get started: You need to use an account at the Mathematics department. You could use one you got before or a course account which you obtain from me.

To initialize Diffpack run the following command:

source /users/mdstud/pkpde/dpstartup

By running echo $NOR you can see what the system variable NOR is set to. The variable is set to the root directory of the diffpack installation. All executables and examples from the book is found here. The source code from the book is found at $NOR/doc/Book/src/.

The number of licenses to diffpack is limited, so if too many are executing their diffpack programs at the same time someone has to wait. However, the license is not checked during compilation of your code. If the number of available licenses cause you problem let me know.

More information on diffpack is obtained from the Diffpack home page.

The local diffpack documentation is vital for a diffpack programmer.

The FAQ in (ps or pdf-format) obtainable from the Support section of Diffpack home page could be useful.

Current news


I hope you keep the mood up, and work on your projects. It is nice to see that some of you have done good progress with using Diffpack. If you got stuck or need help in any way, let me know so that I can help you. A good idea could be to work on the computers in the student section of the Aseco-house. From there it is easy for you to knock on my door to get help.

I would like you as soon as possible to do a short plan on your project work, so that we together can find how we can reach a good result.

For you who did not attend the last lectures I have copies of handouts on time-dependent, non-linear problems and other applications.

To be sure you that I am in my office, you are also welcome to book a time for a meeting.

This Friday I do not intend to present anymore material so there will be no meeting in MD1. Next Monday I plan to give a short presentation on how to add adaptivity to a solver.

I have put some hopefully useful things at the labaccount /users/mdstud/pkpde


Some of the filters e.g. simres2mtv do not work on all of the lab computers. This is probably due to that the computers are missing a graphics card.

Using the ssh command to scooter will solve the problem. Many other machines are also ok to use.


Some files has now been recompiled do that diffpack works on SunOS 5.6 machines, that is, almost any machine on the md-system. There is still some problems with the tcl-tk-library. As a temporary fix, do the following before compiling diffpack:

In the library where you want to compile Diffpack run

source /users/mdstud/pkpde/tktcllinks

This will link the correct libraries.

Most likely this will soon be fixed so that this instruction is unnecessary to do.

This page is written and maintained by Klas Samuelsson.

Last modified: Tue Apr 3 13:35:26 MET DST 2001