MMA100, Topology, Spring 19

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Welcome to the topology course! The schedule for the course can be found here.

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January 22. I should have mentioned at the first lecture that if you haven't already registered but want to, that should have been done yesterday and should therefore be done immediately.

Friday, January 25th. Today's room is being changed from MVF32 to MVF23 since MVF32 is too small. A longer term solution will be
announced. There will be a note on the board in MVF 32 about this change.

Friday, January 25th. Friday lectures will be in MVF26 from now on.

Monday, January 28th. Under examination, you can read more precisely what you should be studying on your own.

Friday, February 1st. The "Here is what you are expected to know." has been updated.

Friday, February 1st. Ph.D. students who plan to take the course for credit should drop me an email so I know who you are and because of the final. Masters students of course register for the exam in the usual way.

Monday, February 4th. Exercises for Chapter 4 added below.

Thursday, February 7th. 1 exercise for Chapter 5 added below. Note the link under lectures won't be modified as this is only the original (overly ambitious) plan. Further down "Here is what you are expected to know" is more precisely what we have done and plan to do (so that you can read ahead). That will be continually updated.

Monday, February 11th. Exercises updated

Wednesday, February 13th. Exercises and "Here is what you are expected to know" updated.

Monday, February 18th. Exercises and "Here is what you are expected to know" updated.

Saturday, February 23rd. "Here is what you are expected to know" has been updated. (New exercises will be added later this weekend).

Sunday, February 24th. Exercises updated.

Monday, February 25th. Exercise 10 added to section 58.

Monday, March 18th. Exam and solutions placed on homepage.

Monday, March 18th. When the exams are graded, I will place a note here that you can pick them up from me.

Friday, March 22nd. Exams are now graded and reported to Ladok. On Monday, I give them to the expedition who needs to do something with them. When I get them back, I will put up another message here with the time you can pick them up from me. I hope that is by the end of the week but I don't know how long the office first needs it.

Tuesday, March 26th. You can pick up your exams at my office (room 5017 in math) between 9 and 11 on Thursday, March 28th. If you cannot make it then, you can email me ( and we can agree on some other time. You must bring id and I must check it (even if I know who you are!); you will also have to sign for the exam. Those which are not picked up will be given to the study office (expedition).


Course coordinator: Jeffrey Steif

Teaching assistants: None

Lab supervisor: None

Course literature

Topology, 2nd Edition by James Munkres (this is a new book for this course)

English-Swedish mathematical dictionary



See here

Recommended exercises

See here

Supplementary notes below. These four notes should be taken together and correspond to part 10 in the outline of lectures.
group actions, part 1
group actions, part 2
semi-direct products
Fundamental group of the Klein bottle

Here are some old notes of JAS covering various things which we are covering.

Computer labs

There will be no computer labs.

Course requirements

The learning goals of the course can be found in the course plan (link to "Syllabus").


There are no required assignments.


Written exam is on March 18, 14:00-18:00.

Your grade will be based only on the final exam.

There will be 8 exam problems with a total score of 24 points. The grading limits are 12 pts for G=Pass (Godkänd) and 18 pts for VG=Very Good (Väl Godkänd).

Here is what you are expected to know.

See here

Examination procedures

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At the exam, you should be able to show valid identification.

After the exam has been graded, you can see your results in Ladok by logging on to your Student portal.

At the annual (regular) examination:
When it is practical, a separate review is arranged. The date of the review will be announced here on the course homepage. Anyone who can not participate in the review may thereafter retrieve and review their exam at the Mathematical Sciences Student office. Check that you have the right grades and score. Any complaints about the marking must be submitted in writing at the office, where there is a form to fill out.

At re-examination:
Exams are reviewed and retrieved at the Mathematical Sciences Student office. Check that you have the right grades and score. Any complaints about the marking must be submitted in writing at the office, where there is a form to fill out.

Old exams

(In problem 1, B should be a subset of X and in part d, A,B should be replaced by arbitrary C contained in X and D contained in Y.)