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Welcome to the course.
The schedule for the course can be found via the link to webTimeEdit top of the page.

The course starts Tuesday, March 21, at 8.00-9.45 in room MVF 32.

Deadline for the first set of hand in exercises is Friday, April 7.

Deadline for the second set of hand in exercises is Friday, May 5.

Don't forget to sign up for the written exam on Thursday, June 1.

Deadline for the third set of hand in exercises is Friday, May 26.

Course coordinator: Håkan Samuelsson Kalm

Course literature

  Lecture notes on Distributions by Hasse Carlsson. Swedish version: Föreläsningsanteckningar i distributionsteori

We (usually) meet three times a week during the weeks 12-14 and 17-21. The meetings will consist of lecture parts, exercise session parts, and, hopefully, discussion parts.

Preliminary schedule
Week Chapter
general introduction, test functions, def of distributions, operations on distributions
finite parts, fundamental solutions of some PDE's, support of a distribution
convergence and convolotion of distributions
fundamental solutions, Fourier transform
the Fourier transform and convolutions
Paley-Wiener's theorem, existence of fundamental solutions
fundamental solutions of elliptic differential operators, Fourier series
applications: central limit theorem, Heisenberg uncertainty principle, Sobolev inequalities,...

Computer labs

Reference literature:
Tobin A. Driscoll, Learning MATLAB, ISBN: 978-0-898716-83-2 (The book is published by SIAM)
Course requirements

Set 1   Deadline: Friday, April 7
Set 2   Some help can be provided for the last exercise.
Set 3   Deadline: Friday, May 26


To pass the course you should pass a written and/or oral exam. Handed in home work can determine the form and the grade of the exam.
Examination procedures
In Chalmers Student Portal you can read about when exams are given and what rules apply on exams at Chalmers.
At the link Schedule you can find when exams are given for courses at University of Gothenburg.
At the exam, you should be able to show valid identification.
Before the exam, it is important that you report that you want to take the examination. If you study at Chalmers, you will do this by the Chalmers Student Portal, and if you study at University of Gothenburg, so sign up via GU's Student Portal.

You can see your results in Ladok by logging on to the Student portal.

At the annual examination:
When it is practical a separate review is arranged. The date of the review will be announced here on the course website. Anyone who can not participate in the review may thereafter retrieve and review their exam on Mathematical sciences Student Office, open hours. Check that you have the right grades and score. Any complaints about the marking must be submitted in writing at the office, where there is a form to fill out.

At re-examination:
Exams are reviewed and picked up at the Mathematical sciences Student Office, open hours. Any complaints about the marking must be submitted in writing at the office, where there is a form to fill out.
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