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Examiner and lecturer

Hjalmar Rosengren

G. B. Folland: Fourier analysis and its applications, Wadsworth & Brooks/Cole, 1992.
Folland's book will be sold by UBS after the first lecture September 3, 15.00. The price of the book is 500 SEK.
Further material

M. Asadzadeh, Lecture notes in Fourier analysis, in preparation.
We will use these notes for the chapter on Laplace transform, and they can also be useful for supplementary reading.
A ps-file is available here, but since there may be changes, do not print it all at once (Chapter 1 is enough for a start).
Notes 1 on Laplace transform.
Notes 2 on Bessel's inequality.
Notes 3 on the Gibbs phenomenon and periodic solutions to ODE.
Notes 4 on L2 theory of Fourier series.
Notes 5 on filters.
Corrections to Folland's book.
Some additional problems in Swedish and English. These exercises do not reflect the course content precisely.
Course contents and theory check-list.
Additional material may become available later.
Preliminary programme

F refers to Folland's book, A to Asadzadeh's lecture notes, N to my own notes.

W 3/9 A 1.1 (see also F 8.1) Introduction, Laplace transform
Th 4/9 A 1.2-1.3, N1
(see also F 7.1, 8.3)
Applications of Laplace transform,
Exercises 1
M 8/9 N1, F 1.3 (see also A 2) Applications of Laplace transform
Separation of variables (an example)
Exercises 2
Th 11/9 F 2.1, N2 (see also A 3.1-3.4) Fourier series: Definition, Bessel's inequality Exercises 3
M 15/9 F 2.2-2.4 (see also A 3.5-3.8) Fourier series: Proof of inversion theorem, further properties Exercises 4
Th 18/9 F 2.5 Separation of variables (again) Exercises 5
M 22/9 N3 Gibbs phenomenon
Periodic solutions to ODE
Exercises 6
Th 25/9 N4, see also F 3.1-3.3 Inner product spaces and complete orthonormal systems
Norm convergence of Fourier series
Exercises 7
M 29/9 N4, F 7.2,
example on pp. 226-227
Hilbert spaces and L2 spaces
Fourier transform: Elementary properties
Exercises 8
Th 2/10 F 7.2, see also pp. 266-267 Fourier transform: Inversion theorem
Fourier transform on L2
Exercises 9
M 6/10 N5, F pp. 229-231, 249-252 Applications in signal processing:
Filters, sampling, discrete Fourier transform
Exercises 10
Th 9/10 F 3.5-3.6,
example on pp. 101-103
Sturm-Liouville problems Exercises 11
M 13/10 F 4.1-4.3 Techniques for inhomogeneous boundary value problems F: 4.2.2, 4.2.4, 4.2.5, 4.3.5, 4.3.6, 4.3.7
Th 16/10 F 4.4, p. 228 Harmonic functions, Dirichlet problem
week 43 Reserve, Repetition


The exam will consist of 6 problems, giving a maximum of 24 points.
For MMG710 (GU students), grades are G (12-17 points) and VG (18-24 points).
For TMA362 (Chalmers students), grades are 3 (12-14 points), 4 (15-17 points) and 5 (18-24 points).
The exam takes place on October 25, 08.30-13.30.
No calculator or handbook is allowed at the exam.

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Old exams

Some old exams have been handed out at the lecture October 6.