Seminarier i komplexanalys 2000/2001 (Talks)

6 september 2000
Bo Berndtsson
Positiva strömmar och lokala max-principen.
27 september 2000
Robert Berman
The Seiberg-Witten invariants, adjunction inequalities and the Thom Conjecture.
11 oktober 2000
Roland Wolff, Saarbrücken
A note on bounded composition operators on Hardy spaces.
Abstract: It is well known that there exist unbounded composition operators on Hardy spaces over domains in $\C^n$, $n\ge 2$. In this talk a necessary condition for the boundedness of such an operator is given. In case the symbol is an inner mapping, this condition is sufficient, as well.
18 oktober 2000
Niklas Lindholm
Remarks on sampling in Fock spaces.
Abstract: We will prove a complete description of sampling measures in the generalized Fock space in C. We will also discuss some necessary conditions which are obstructions for sampling with point masses in Cn.
25 oktober 2000
Christophe Mourougane, Stockholm/Paris
Sufficient conditions for interpolation in Cn.
22 november 2000
Bo Berndtsson
Integral formulas for forms with values in a line bundle and Riemann-Roch
29 november 2000
Stephane Rigat, Marseille
Continuation of closed postive currents accross CR manifolds.
6 december 2000
Mats Andersson
Generalized scalar tuples of commuting operators.
Abstract: A tuple a of commuting operators on a Banach space is called a generalized tuple if it admits an extension of the holomorphic functional calculus to C^\infty. I will present some equivalent conditions on the tuple a and sketch a proof for a (known) theorem, stating that a generalized tuple has the \beta_E property.
7 december 2000
Kristian Seip, Trondheim
Fourier frames.
30 januari 2001
Elizaveta Zeldina
Bergman kernals for $\C^6$ and $H^5$-smooth almost spherical domains.
7 februari 2001
Christoph Lampert
Going up and down in dimension.
14 februari 2001
Christoph Lampert
Canonical solution operators for the dbar equation and the kernel of the Neumann operator.
28 februari 2001
Bo Berndtsson
Atiyahs L^2-index sats: en elementär introduktion.
7 mars 2001
Gerd Schmalz, Bonn
Partially integrable CR-manifolds of CR dimension and codimension 2.
4 april 2001
Bo Berndtsson
Nästan-holomorfa utvidgningar av glatta funktioner och Beurlings ultradistributioner.
11 april 2001
Maria Roginskaya
k-Riesz sets in R^n.
18 april 2001
Christophe Mourougane
Interpolation in non-positively curved Kähler manifolds.
3 maj 2001
Nikolai Kruzhilin
Effective actions of groups on complex manifolds.
30 maj 2001
Robert Berman
From the Yamabe problem on Riemann surfaces to the Seiberg-Witten equations over a four manifold - part one.
6 juni 2001
Robert Berman
From the Yamabe problem on Riemann surfaces to the Seiberg-Witten equations over a four manifold - part two

Gäster 2000/2001 (Guests)

Namn (Name) Tidsperiod (Period)
Christoph Lampert, Bonn001001-010930
Christophe Mourougane, Paris/Stockholm 001023-001027
Nicolas Nguyen, Toulouse 000901-001013
Stephane Rigat, Marseille 001127-001130
Roland Wolff, Sarbrücken001001-001014