Seminarier i komplexanalys 2005/2006 (Talks)

31 augusti 2005
Jean-Pierre Rosay
21 september 2005
Alain Yger, Université Bordeaux 1
About residue currents constructed from non-regular sequences
22 september 2005
Ragnar Sigurdsson, Reykjavik
A new disc formula for the Siciak-Zahariuta extremal function
12 oktober 2005
Edgar Tchoundja
Carleson measures on Arveson's Hardy space
26 oktober 2005
Lisa Nilsson, SU
Convergence of A-hypergeometric series and integrals
2 november 2005
Chantal Menini, Bordeaux
Some results and open problems for zero-set of holomorphic functions
10 november 2005
Bo Berndtsson
Curvature of vector bundles associated to holomorphic fibrations
16 november 2005
Mats Andersson
Noetherian residue currents
25 november 2005
Bruno Fabre
Residue currents and cohomology
29 november 2005
Nikolay Shirokov, St. Petersburg, Russia
Lacunary power series with small lacunae and their possible decay rate
18 januari 2006
Bo Berndtsson
Approximation by holomorphic functions on totally real sets
25 januari 2006
Henrik Petersson
Approximation of homogeneous solutions to PDE:s via Hypercyclicity