Seminarier 1996/97

4 september 1996
Planering av höstens verksamhet
11 september 1996
Bo Berndtsson
Linear and nonlinear Riemann-Hilbert problems
18 september 1996
Bo Berndtsson
Linear and nonlinear Riemann-Hilbert problems, cont'd
25 september 1996
Thomas Hansson
The duality of H1 in pseudoballs
9 oktober 1996
Joaquim Ortega, Barcelona
Knots in Cn
I will give a survey of recent results by Buzzard and Fornæss concerning the possibility of straightening complex embedded lines
16 oktober 1996
Vincent Guedj
Approximation of currents on homogeneous manifolds
23 oktober 1996
Johan Karlsson
Schottley and Myrberg: The full story.
Any Kleinian group contains a Schottley subgroup but I do not know where. I will also breifly review why I care.
30 oktober 1996
Mats Andersson
Taylor's functional calculus for commuting operators with Cauchy-Fantappiè-Leray formulas
Abstract: I will recall Taylor's definition of joint spectrum for a finite number of commuting operators on a Banach space, and describe how one can represent his functional calculus by means of Cauchy-Fantappiè-Leray formulas. The construction is quite simple and no previous knowledge of such formulas is needed.
13 november 1996
Vincent Guedj
Siu's theorem on analyticity of sets defined by Lelong numbers [Demailly]
16 november 1996
Jörgen Boo
Some applications of integral formulas in several complex variables (disputation)
Opponent: Joaquim Bruna, Barcelona
27 november 1996
Bo Berndtsson
Prekopa's theorem and Kiselman's minimum principle for plurisubharmonic functions
15 januari 1997
22 januari 1997
Lars Alexandersson
Stationary discs of fibrations over the circle [Cerne]
29 januari 1997
Bo Berndtsson
Plurisubharmonic functions and variational problems [Poletsky, Lárusson, Sigurðsson]
19 februari 1997
Nikolay Shcherbina
Ett exempel av H. Alexander
26 februari 1997
Nikolay Shcherbina
Alexanders exempel på polynomkonvext hölje utan analytisk struktur
5 mars 1997
Bo Berndtsson
Alexander-Wermers sats och måttvärda subharmoniska funktioner
19 mars 1997
Mats Andersson
Taylors funktionalanalys med Cauchy-Fantappie-Leray-formler
26 mars 1997
Mats Andersson
Taylors funktionalanalys med Cauchy-Fantappie-Leray-formler, forts
16 april 1997
Nikolay Shcherbina
Symplectic geometry and complex analysis
Abstract: The purpose of this talk is to make a survey of some notions (such as Maslov index, Bennequin index etc.) and results from symplectic and contact geometry and their relations to complex analysis.
22, 23, 24, 25 april 1997
Sergei Ivashkovich, Lille
Pseudo-holomorphic curves and envelopes of meromorphy
30 april 1997
Niklas Lindholm
Representation av det rum av hela funktioner som uppkommer som Laplace-transformer av funktionaler på Hardy-rum i konvexa områden i planet
5 maj 1997
Vincent Guedj
On the approximation of positive, closed (1,1)-currents by analytic varieties (licentiatseminarium)
Diskussionsinledare: Mikael Passare, Stockholm
7 maj 1997
August Tsikh, Krasnojarsk
Residue currents of the Bochner-Martinelli type
14 maj 1997
Fausto di Biase, Roma
Boundary behaviour of Hp functions on convex domains of finite type
4 juni 1997
Bo Berndtsson
Dimensionen av rum av (pseudo)holomorfa kurvor [Lizan, Sikorav]