Seminarier i komplexanalys 1998/99

18 augusti 1998
Elisabeth Anissova, St. Petersburg
Quadrics of codimension 4 in C^7 and their automorphisms
21 augusti 1998
Philippe Charpentier, Bordeaux
Domains of finite type
26 augusti 1998
Planering av höstens verksamhet
2 september 1998
Bo Berndtsson
A Sobolev estimate for the Bergman projection (joint work with P. Charpentier)
9 september 1998
Hasse Carlsson
Q_p spaces
23 september 1998
Alexander Isaeev
Dimensions of the automorphism group of hyperbolic Reinhard domains
30 september 1998
Niklas Lindholm
A Paley-Wiener Theorem for Convex Sets in Cn
Abstract. The basic Paley-Wiener theorem tells us that exactly those entire functions of exponential type in C which are square-integrable over the imaginary axis, are Laplace transforms of L2-functions on an interval. This can be interpreted as an integral condition on two rays perpendicular to the interval in question, and similar integral conditions are known for general convex domains in C. We will show how we can obtain similar theorems for strongly convex domains in Cn.
14 oktober 1998
Sebastian Sandberg och Bo Berndtsson
Positive closed currents I
21 oktober 1998
Lars Filipsson, KTH
A new property of C-convex sets
Abstract. A subset U in Cn is said to be C-convex if its intersection with any complex line is simply connected and connected. Recently S. V. Znamenskij and L. N. Znamenskaya proved that if a C-convex set U is non-degenerate, its intersections with complex lines have an unexpected extra property: they are spirally connected. I will present this result and discuss some of its consequences.
29 oktober 1998
Mikael Passare, Stockholm
Amoebas and Laurent determinant
16 november 1998
Ragnar Sigurdsson, Sundsvall
Plurisubharmonic extremal functions, Lelong numbers and coherent ideal sheaves.
18 november 1998
Sebastian Sandberg
Icke analytisk funktionalkalkyl.
25 november 1998
Pascal Dingoyan
A Hartogs Theorem on Projective Manifolds I
9 december 1998
Pascal Dingoyan
A Hartogs Theorem on Projective Manifolds II
16 december 1998
Niklas Lindholm
Necessary density conditions for sampling and interpolation
Abstract. We will discuss an article by Landau (1967) where he obtains necessary density conditions for uniformly discrete sets for sampling and interpolation of bandlimited functions in L2(Rn).
20 januari 1999
Pascal Dingoyan
An estimate of positive closed currents on pseudoconcave spaces
28 januari 1999
Bo Berndtsson
Vektorfält och analytiska multifunktioner (efter Ahern och Rosay)
11 februari 1999
Nikolay Shcherbina
Hulls of subsets of the torus in C2 (following H. Alexander)
18 februari 1999
Sebastian Sandberg
Icke-holomorf funktionalkalkyl (forts.)
25 februari 1999
Mats Andersson
Ickeholomorf funktionalkalkyl för kommuterande operatorer med reellt spektrum.
11 mars 1999
Mats Andersson
A constructive proof of the composition rule for Taylor's functional calculus.
17 mars 1999
Bo Berndtsson
L2-extensions of holomorphic functions and estimates of Bergman Kernels.
14 april 1999
Julien Duval, Tolouse
On the hull of a totally real torus in C2.
5 maj 1999
Sergei Ivashkovich, Lille
Continuity principle for meromorphic mappings.
12 maj 1999
Sergei Ivashkovich, Lille
Gromov compactness theorem for stable curves.
19 maj 1999
Pavel Katsylo, Moscow
On the Jacobian Conjecture.
19 maj 1999
Stefan Nemirovski, Moscow
Examples and properties of Stein domains with Levi-flat boundaries.