Some practial information

Midsummer in Sweden is a very important event with many festivities all around. The midsummers day is celebrated on the Saturday which is closest to the summer solstice, but most activities are actually taking place on midsummers eve, i.e. on the friday after the conference. If you stay over the weekend in Sweden you will be able to danse around the midsummer pole (a wooden pole or cross-like construction decorated with green leaves and flowers), and to look at traditional Swedish danses. With just a little bit of luck, the weather will be very nice but ...

the climate is very variable. The average temperature might be 20 degrees C, but it could go as low as 10 and reach almost 30. Be prepared with un umbrella, but also with a swimming suit and sun glasses. This year has been unusually warm until now, and lots of people have taken the opportunity to go swimming in the sea as well as in the small lakes close to the city.

The airport is situated about 20 minutes by bus or car from the city centre. There is a webpage with information about buses and taxis.

A map of Gothenburg
Unfortunately the instructions are in Swedish only, but it should be rather easy to use any way: just type the name of the street you are looking for in the white space, and the street will show up in red.

A map of the university campus
The meeting will take place in the Mathematical Centre in the lower right corner of the map

Tourist information about the city of Gothenburg

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