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The conference schedule

Sunday 18/6
10.00-13.30 Registration
13:30 Carlo Cercignani Mathematical models and problems in kinetic theory
14:30 Armando Majorana A new finite differences scheme for Boltzmann equation on semiconductor devices
15.15 Coffee break
15.45 Frédéric Poupaud Brillouin oscillations : a mathematical proof
16.30 Alexei Arsen`ev Particle method for the time-dependent Hartree-Fock equation
17.00 Brigitte Lucquin The grazing collision limit for the Boltzmann Lorenz model
17.30 Stéphane Cordier Numerical simulations of the quantum Boltzmann equation
19.00 Welcome party (in the garden, the weather permitting)

Monday 19/6
9.00 Isaac Goldhirsch Granular materials
10.00 Emanuele Caglioti One dimensional granular media: particle model and kinetic description
10.45 Coffee break
11.15 Giuseppe Toscani One-dimensional kinetic models with dissipative collisions
12.00 Cedric Villani Entropy/entropy dissipation inequalities for dissipative systems with granular-type friction
12.45 Lunch break
14.30 Philippe Villedieu Applications of a droplet collision model in the context of solid propulsion
15.00 Valeria Ricci Derivation of a linear Boltzmann equation for a lattice gas
15.30 Antoine Mellet A non-linear diffusion regime without the detailed balance
16.00 Coffee break
16.30 Mohammed Lemou Viscoselastic fluid models derived from kinetic equations of polymers.
17.00 Nader Masmoudi Existence results for some polymeric fluids
17.30 Wolfgang Wagner Deterministic and stochastic models for coagulation-fragmentation processes

Tuesday 20/6
9,00 Bob Eisenberg Ionic channels as natural nanotubes
10.00 Karl Sigmund Effects of space and frequency in models of natural selection
11.00 Coffee break
11.30 Laurent Desvillettes An example of "kinetic-like" equation in population dynamics.
12.15 Alexander Bobylev A kinetic model for agglutination
13.00 Lunch break
15.00 Raimund Wegener An explicitly solvable kinetic model for vehicular traffic and associated macroscopic equations
15.45 Vladislav Panferov On diffuse reflection boundary conditions for nonlinear stationary kinetic equations.
16.15 Coffee break
16.45 Luis Bonilla A modified Chapman-Enskog procedure for Fokker-Planck type equations
17.15 Francesco Salvarani Characterization of collision kernel
20.00 Social event

Wednesdeay 21/6
9.00 Kazuo Aoki Fluid-dynamic limit for a gaseous mixture and the ghost effect: Asymptotic analysis of the Boltzmann equation
9.30 Lars Söderholm Equilibrium Temperature of Small Body in Shearing Gas Flow
10.00 Karl Borg Thermophoresis of Axially Symmetric Bodies
10.30 Coffee break
11.00 Simon Hern Numerical Solutions for Hydrodynamical Semiconductor Models
11.30 Giovanni Mascali An extended fluid-dynamical model describing electron transport in semiconductors.
12.00 Cristina Milazzo Space Homogeneous solutions of the Boltzmann equation for an electron gas in a semiconductor
12.30 Janis Rimshans Numerical Method for Solution Fokker - Planck Kinetic Equations in Semiconductors
13.00 Lunch break
14.30 Sergej Rjasanow Fast deterministic method for the smoothed Boltzmann equation
15.00 Jack Banasiak Hydrodynamic limits in extended kinetic theory
15.30 Closing of the meeting, and coffee

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