MVE145 - Statistical quality control, 7,5hp - Sp2, 2007/2008


Product quality is fundamental for every company. Poor quality can
cause warranty costs and liability claims and in worst case and this
can in worst case jeopardize the future of the company. It is
therefore very important to secure the quality and maintain it at a
high level.

Product design is essential for the customer impression of product
quality. Reliability, serviceability and usability are fundamental
characteristics of high designed quality. Robust design assures that
the product can function in different environments, used by different

Even if the product is well designed the production process must be
able to deliver the designed products, at least within tolerances,
but preferable on target with minimum variance.

This course is about produced quality.

The main goal of the course is to understand variation and how to manage different types of variation.
Variation can come from chance causes, systematic causes  or measurement errors. Data can be 
univariate, multivariate, independent  or dependent. Data can be discrete or continuous and can come
from many different distributions. 

Some of the course content:


Course program


Time 13.15-17 Place
30 October  MVH12
7 November MVH12
14 November MVH12
21 November MVH12
22 November MVH12 EXTRA lesson 13.15-15
28 November No lesson
5 December MVH12
12 December MVH12
18 December V Written exam


Projects and laboratations.

Reports and laboratories will give up to 3 bonus points to the first exam. (More info will come)

Hand-in 1

Hand-in 2

Hand-in 3


Book: Douglas Mongomery: Introduction to Statistical Quality Control, 5ed.

Extra material: Will be sold under lecture time or will will be on the homepage.

Examination: Written exam. 18/12-2007 fm V 27/03-2008 fm V


Good links

Mongomerys homepage.   Here you can find data sets (in Excel) and supplementary material.

Solutions to Montgomerys exercises.  Please type "" in your web browser.


Presentation material from the lessons

20071031_1 and 20071031_2

20071107_1 and  20071107_2

20071114_1 and 20071114_2

20071121_1 and 20071121_2

20071205_1 and 20071205_2 and 20071205_3





Comments on exercises



Matlab examples




Old exams (in swedish)

December 2006   Solution

April 2007       Solution

December 2007    Solution




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