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MSG200/MVE155: Statistisk slutledning (Statistical Inference)

This is a webpage for a 7.5 hp undergraduate statistical course starting on Monday 19/1, 2009.

Course description

Instructors: Serik Sagitov and Stefan Eriksson


Lectures (Serik Sagitov)

Mondays at 13.15-15.00, room Euler

Wednesdays at 13.15-15.00, room Pascal (except the CHARM day 11/2, which is moved to Thursday 12/2 at 08.00-9.45, room Euler)

Exercises (Stefan Eriksson)

Thursdays at 15.15-17.00, room MVF31

Fridays at 13.15-15.00, room MVF31

Final exam

Friday March 13, 2009, 08.30-12.30 in the V-huset

Reexamination: Friday 28/8, 2009, 08.30-12.30, V-huset

Nearest reexamination: Wednesday 13/1, 2010, 08.30-12.30

Grading system and Bonus points (click here)

The ultimate deadline for the bonus assignment is the Friday 2009.03.06.

Course evaluation on line

Click here and use the code "matstat"

Old exams with answers

March 2009, March 2008, May 2007, May 2006, May 2005, May 2004, May 2003, May 2002