What is new (2012-05-10)?

OBS! Projects presentations 2012-05-11. Afternoon sesion is in FL51.
OBS! The following groups will present their projects before Lunch:
Johan Eddeland and co.; Linnea Andersson and co.; Emilio Jorge and co.;Erik Holmer and co.; Sebastain Stål and co.;

After lunch: Edvin Davidsson and co.;Magdalena Jonnsson and co.; Andersson Simon and co.; Erik Fäderlind and co.; all other groups. ;
OBS! This year one can order MyCopy of a course book, see info below.

Examinator and Teachers :

Igor Rychlik, phone: 031 - 772 35 45, e-mail: rychlik@chalmers.se

Course book (available as e-book at Chalmers library):

Probability and Risk Analysis - An Introduction for Engineers, Rychlik, I. and Rydén, J., Springer, ISBN=3540242236.
Note that you can order at library MyCopy of the book MyCopy,

Programme (preliminary) and timetable click

Lectures:  Lect1, Lect2, Lect3, Lect4, Lect5, Lect6, Lect7, Lect8, Lect9, Lect10, Lect11, Lect12,

Formulae (Formelsamling) click

Dictionary (Ordlista) click

Mandatory computer exercises:

There will be 5 computer exercises. The  exercises are based on a commercial mathematics-program, called Matlab. You are supposed to work in groups of two. Topics and instructions to the six computer exercises are found at lab1, lab2, lab3, lab4, lab5, respectively. Additional Matlab programs and data files and additional m-functions needed in the computer exercises have to be downloaded from labfiles. Please unzip the file labfiles.zip at the directory you will use for the computer exercises. (For indtroduction to computing in MATLAB see Matlabhandledningen by Jörgen Löfström)


There will be 8-9 projects to choose between. You are supposed to work in groups of two or three on one of the projects. The project: Project1, Data1, Project2, Data2, Project3, Data3, Project4, Project5, Data5, Project6, Data6, Project7, Data7, Project8.

Examination - in order to pass the course it is required:

1) Pass all 5 computer exercises (you work in a group of two).
2) Write a report on one of the projects and present it in a classroom (you work in a group of three).
3) Pass an written examination, i.e. receive at least 45 points out of 90.


Tentamen äger rum tisdagen den 23 Maj 2011, kl 8.30-12.30 i V-huset.
Vid tentamen är it is allowed to use course book or copiues of the e-book, books with mathematical formullas and any calculator.
Tag med giltig legitimation och kvitto på erlagd kåravgift!

Meddelande om resultat fås med epost via LADOK. (Detta sker automatiskt så fort tentan är rättad och resultaten är registrerade.)
Rättade tentor återfås på expeditionen för matematik.
Kontrollera att Du har fått rätt betyg och att poängsumman stämmer.
Eventuella klagomål på rättningen ska lämnas skriftligt (på expeditionen finns en blankett till hjälp).

Följande länk berättar mer om reglerna kring att tentera på Chalmers: att tentera


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