BBC News Alzheimer's risk 'is 80% genetic'
Supplementory textbooks
Encyclopedia of Life Sciences Search for "population genetics"
D.S. Falkoner and T.F.C. Mackay, Introduction to quantitative genetics, 1996 (fourth edition), Longman, UK
R.D.M. Page and E.C. Holmes, Molecular evolution - a phylogenetic approach, 1998, Blackwell science, UK
Problem sets available at the Internet
Evolution Course by Timothy P. Craig
An Introduction to Genetic Analysis online book.
Population Genetics Course by A. Templeton at Washington Univ. - St. Louis. (Lecture notes in PDF format).
Population Genetics Course by Michael Whitlock at the University of British Columbia
Population Genetics Course at the Washington State University
Evolutionary Genetics Course by Mary Kuhner and Peter Beerli at the U of Washington.
Populationsgenetik Course by Martin Lascoux at the U of Uppsala.
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  • Population Genetics and Anthropology Course by D. Andrew Merriwether
  • Advanced Animal Population and Quantitative Genetics Graduate course at the U of British Columbia, CA.
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