MSF200/MVE330 Stochastic Processes

Examination rules
Grading system for the whole course
on the ordinary exam: one can max 30 for solving the exam questions plus some bonus marks for solving home assignment problems,
on a re-exam: one can collect max 30 for solving the exam question (no bonus marks),
to pass the exam one has to get at least 12 marks.
Bonus marks
students work on home assignment problems alone or in teams of 2 or 3 students,
for the solution to be accepted the student must participate in the corresponding exercise class,
for each problem a randomly chosen student (among those claiming they worked through this problem) has to present a solution in the class,
every problem with an accepted solution gives a fraction of a bonus point.
Cheat sheet:
on the final exam the student may use two 2-sided A4-pages with a course digest.
This digest should be put together by each of the student themself and brought with them to the final exam.