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To pass this course you should pass the written exam and the computer labs.
Written examination

The written exam consists of ...
To pass the exam you ...

You should be able to state and explain all definitions and theorems given in the course and also apply them in problem solving.
The proofs of the following theorems are ...

The exam takes place at ..
During the exam the following aids are permitted:
Bring ID and receipt for your student union fee

Solutions to the exam will be published...
You will be notified the result of your exam by email from LADOK (This is done automatically as soon as the exams have been marked an the results are registered..)
The exams will then be kept at the students' office in the Mathematical Sciences building.
Check that the number of points and your grade given on the exam and registered in LADOK coincide.
Complaints of the marking should be written and handed in at the office. There is a form you can use, ask the person in the office.).

The following link will tell you all about the examination room rules at Chalmers: Examination room instructions

Computer labs
To pass the computer labs you ...
Old exams