Project f(x)=0

The idea of this project is the following:

within a suitable framework of study (choose one the following areas , or find another, better or more interesting one if you like,)
the project group should

a) identify relations/equations that require equation solving using iterative techniques like bisection and/or fixed point iteration

b) implement solvers of this/these type(s) under matlab as matlab functions

c) apply these to the equations of interest

d) analyze/evaluate/reflect on the results, both with reference to the performance of the solvers, and to relevant conclusions from the application point of view. Further, discuss possible generalizations, pose new questions, seek further understanding, with a researching attitude.

e) present the work and the results in a short oral communication in front to the rest of the mentor group, and in a well written but not too long report. A suitable format for such a report will be presented later.

The oral presentation should be delivered week 5 and deadline for the reports is Monday week 6.

The project work may give up to 5 bonus points to be added to the written exam.


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