Partial differential equations F, 2001,
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Content: Time-discretization: Parabolic and hyperbolic problems. On multigrid.


Recommended, where Lx:y = exercise y under lecture x, E = exercise (pdef2-blandade övn), P = problem (Övningsexempel i PDE):


P: 26
Demonstrate the derivation of interpolation error formulas for constant and linear interpolation based on Taylors formula (following CDE pr 5.9 & 5.13),
and the derivation of resulting estimates (inkl. CDE pr 5.14).
Discuss the generalization to PIECEWISE linear interpolation, and to 2 space dimensions.
L9:3 (2D a posteriori)

Individual work:

L10:2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (1D interp estimates)
L9:2 (1D interp estimates for the a posteriori analysis)
L10:8, 9 (generalization of a posteriori for ode model)
P: 19
P: 21b,c,d


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