Matematik och Datavetenskap, Chalmers Tekniska Högskola och Göteborgs Universitet

ALA-B, 2003, Individual folder

Home, w 1, w 2, w 3, w 4, w 5, w 6, w 7. Matlab: analysis, linear algebra.

Each student must keep an individual folder (pärm) containing documentation of the obligatory work.  The obligatory work will be checked by your teachers every week. The folder need not be handed in.

Each student must also keep a copy of each obligatory program that we write.  These programs may be used in future courses.

See Johan Hoffman's presentation manual.

The purpose of the folder is:

a) each student should write and keep certain matlab programs for future use;

b) each student should write down some mathematics every week (writing down your work forces you to reflect about what you have done and you will learn better);

c) some basic mathematical topics are emphasized. These basic topics must be mastered by every student. About half of the exam questions will therefore be taken directly from the obligatory topics.

Week 1. The fundamental theorem of calculus.
Write down the proof of The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus and put it in your individual folder. Emphasize the following steps: 1. construction of Un. 2. proof that Un is a Cauchy sequence. 3. proof that u(x) satisfies the differential equation. 4. u is unique.
This proof is an important part of the course and you must understand it well. Then the later parts of the course will be much easier. Show this to one of your teachers during week 2 or 3.

Week 2. The integral. Show this to your studio teacher before the end of week 2.

Week 3. My ode solver 1.

Week 4. 92. Analytical computation of integrals (postscript).

Week 5. 93. Analytical solution of differential equations (postscript).

Week 6. 94. Taylor's formula (postscript).

Week 7. None this week.


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