Introduktionskurs K+Kf+Bt, ht 2002, vecka 1,vecka 2,projekt

Intro project

Form project groups of three or four persons each, within the existing exercise/mentor groups. In each project group, work out a joint presentation for approximately 10 minutes to be delivered in the first (or early second) week of period 1, in front of your own and two or three other mentor groups.

The content of the presentation is left open, but should of course connect to the material met in the introductory mathematics course. You may choose to present findings from some of the miniprojects proposed, or something else that you find interesting. You may also consider more than one of the suggested projects if you like.

Consult your (present and future) mentors, first to get their approval of your choice of subject and project plans, then of your (detailed) outline of the presentation. Prepare OH-slides so that you can deliver a nice, smooth, clean and instructive presentation with contributions from all group members. Finally, expect/demand extensive feedback on your presentation from your mentor and audience.


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