Partial Differential Equations- Scientific Computing TM, TMA 482, per 3 2004.

Lectures and examination:
Claes Johnson
tel: 772 3518, 031-204327 (home)
Chalmers Finite Element Center
Computational Mathematics
Lectures: Monday 8-10 in S2 and Friday 8-10 in S4.

Johan Jansson
tel. 772 5314
Chalmers Finite Element Center
Computational Mathematics
Instruction: Monday 10-12 in Lab B, Friday 10-12 in Lab B.
Projects Help Desk
NB!: Johan is sick today (2004-03-01), so there will be no project assistance. E-mail if you have questions.

Computational Differential Equations (CDE), Studentlitteratur/Cambridge, 1996. CDE in brief
Adaptive methods for parabolic problems
Computability and adaptivity in CFD
Compressible flow
Optimal control
Inverse problems/identification

Complementing literature:
Selected chapters from Applied Mathematics: Body and Soul:
What is Mathematics? Laplacian models, The Crash Model, The Solar System,
Lorenz and the Essence of Chaos, Adaptive ode-solver, Fem in 1d, Fem in 23d,
Optimization/identification, Navier-Stokes: quick and easy.

Presentation of Chalmers Finite Element Center (Overview of some Part Diff Eqns).


  1. Intro: Poisson, Conv-diffusion, Wave, Navier-Stokes
  2. Adaptive ode-solvers: stiff problems
  3. Adaptive methods for reaction-diffusion problems
  4. Adaptive methods for incompressible Navier-Stokes
  5. Adaptive methods for compressible flow
  6. Optimization/identification
  7. Software: Femlab, DOLFIN

Project 1 Adaptive ode-solver
Project 2 Solving PDEs using Puffin

Computer Sessions

Written exam on theory and 2 hand-in projects.
Preparation for Exam

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