Partial Differential Equations- Scientific Computing TM

ODE Project

As a preparation for this report you should make shure that you have worked through the computer session E8.
The written report must include:
  1. A presentation of the problem you consider (e.g. the Akzo-Nobel system of chemical reations.)
  2. A short description of the dG(0) and the cG(1) methods for systems of ODE's.
  3. An explanation of the dual problem in your case.
  4. A short derivation of the a posteriori error estimate.
  5. An adaptive algorithm based on the posteriori error estimate (se for instance the smal note on adaptive algorithms above)
  6. Implementation of an ode-solver based on the dG(0)-method including adaptive time-stepping based on a posteriori error estimation using duality. Consider also the cG(1)-method.
  7. Application of your solver to e.g. the Akzo-Nobel system of chemical reations. including both and compute
    corresponding stability factors for different outputs.