Seminar on crossed products

This is a Masters/PhD seminar I'm offering in the Winter semester 2019-2020 at WWU Münster. It takes place on Wednesdays at 14:00 (cum tempo), in room SRZ 202 (second floor of the newest Math building).

Tentative schedule:

  • October 9: organization and overview (Eusebio Gardella).

  • October 16: no seminar.

  • October 23: basic definitions, constructions and examples (Paul Lunkenheimer). Slides.

  • October 30: functoriality properties, amenability and exactness (Malte Höltershinken). Notes.

  • November 6: Morita and cocycle equivalence for actions, part 1 (Julian Kranz). Slides.

  • November 13: Morita and cocycle equivalence for actions, part 2 (Julian Kranz). Slides.

  • November 20: induced actions and imprimitivity theorems (Shirly Geffen). Notes.

  • November 27: Takai duality (Omar Mohsen).

  • December 4: Landstad's duality for crossed products (Antje Dabeler).

  • December 11: K-theory of crossed products by Z and R (not yet assigned).

  • December 18: no seminar.

  • January 8: no seminar.

  • January 15: actions on compact operators and Mackey obstructions (Kristin Courtney).

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