Next or current assignment:

In the first block of 2022, I will be teaching MMGF30 Transformteori och analytiska funktioner (Transformation theory and analytic functions) for the University of Gothenburg. If you are interested in participating in this course, please contact me by email.

Past assignments:

  • At the Universität Münster:
  • At the University of Oregon:
    • Sole instructor of the following courses:
      • Math 111 (College Algebra), 7 times.
      • Math 112 (Elementary Functions - Trigonometry), 4 times.
      • Math 242 (Calculus II for Business students), 2 times.
      • Math 251 (Calculus I), 2 times.

    • Teaching assistant for the following courses:
      • Math 4/515 (Real Analysis), grading, Spring 2015, at the University of Oregon.

  • At the Universidad de la República:
    • Teaching assistant for the following courses::
      • Complex Analysis.
      • Analysis on Manifolds, 2 times.
      • Linear Algebra II.
      • Calculus I.
      • Calculus II.