Jonathan Nilsson



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Matematiska vetenskaper,
Chalmers tekniska högskola och Göteborgs universitet
412 96 Göteborg, Sweden

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Chalmers tvärgata 3, Office H5003

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My undergraduate education is from Lund University (2011)
My Ph.D. in mathematics is from Uppsala University (2016)
During 2016-2017 I was a postdoc at Carleton University, Ottawa
I'm currently employed as a postdoc at Chalmers University of Technology


My main research interest is representation theory, particularly for Lie algebras. For the classical finite dimensional simple complex Lie algebras I've constructed and studied new classes of simple infinite dimensional non-weight modules. I am also interested in the representation theory of Lie algebras of vector fields on smooth affine varieties.

Here's a list of my publications and links to preprints.

Simple SL(V)-modules which are free over an abelian subalgebra

Gauge modules for the Lie algebras of vector fields on affine varieties
(Under review, joint work with Y. Billig and A. Zaidan)

Representations of Lie algebras of vector fields on affine varieties
(Accepted for publication in "Israel Journal of Mathematics", joint work with Y. Billig and V.Futorny)

Representations of the Lie algebra of vector fields on a sphere
(Published in "Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra", joint work with Y. Billig)

Simple modules over Lie algebras
(Uppsala Dissertations in Mathematics, no. 94)

Generalized Verma modules over sln+2 induced from U(hn)-free sl_n+1-modules
(Published in "Journal of Algebra", joint work with K. Zhao, Y. Cai, G.Liu)

A new family of simple gl2n(C)-modules
(Published in "Pacific Journal of Mathematics")

U(h)-free modules and coherent families
(Published in "Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra")

Simple sln+1-module structures on U(h)
(Published in "Journal of Algebra")

Enumeration of basic ideals in type B
(Published in "Journal of Integer Sequences")

Tensor product decomposition in Lie algebra representation theory
(Master Thesis in Mathematical Science, LUNFMA-3061-2011)