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Since 1988, when I joined the Optimization Group at Linköping Institute of Technology as a graduate student, the analysis of traffic networks has been a continuing research interest. During the first few years, research concentrated on the development of mathematical programming algorithms for the solution of the traffic assignment problem (a core problem in the transportation analysis process). More recently, I have become more concerned with how traffic problems are modelled, and that is reflected in the recent reports.

In 2006, I got the copyrights back to my first book, The Traffic Assignment Problem---Models and Methods. The original 1994 version will hopefully appear early 2014 in a Dover edition. Send me an e-mail (mipat@chalmers.se) if you have any questions on the content.



Michael Patriksson
Department of Mathematics,
Chalmers University of Technology,
Gothenburg (Göteborg)

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