Optimal wind power production and maintenance - A PhD student position in applied mathematics

Wind power is a major upcoming source of sustainable power generation, and Sweden is among the strongest adaptors of wind power. This project is concerned with the aim to make wind power - be it onshore or offshore - even more reliable than it is today, through the efficient utilization and combination of condition monitoring and effective maintenance procedures.

The research group in mathematical optimization at Mathematical Sciences, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden, has for 15 years provided mathematical analyses, mathematical models and mathematical optimization methods to answer questions that regard the most efficient maintenance procedures of industrial systems in general, and wind power production in particular.

For a glance at the work that the group has performed in the area of optimally planning production and maintenance in industry, please see the research page on production and maintenance optimization HERE.

In particular, the research in maintenance optimization has resulted in two PhD dissertations, four licentiate degrees and a fair amount of master theses, an industrial award in 2010 (The Scandinavian First Maintenance Service Award) for a mathematical model aiming at the optimal planning of the maintenance of the engine of the fighter aircraft JAS 39 Gripen at GKN Aerospace in Trollhättan, as well as plenty of related work, among which we can count the fact that one of our models of industrial production and maintenance recently was implemented in actual production at GKN Aerospace.

In a collaboration between Mathematical Sciences at Chalmers, the Swedish Wind Power Technology Centre (SWPTC) at Chalmers, and The Swedish Research Council (VR) a PhD student position is made available in the mathematica optimization group, with the tentative starting date July 1, 2016.

The PhD student will develop mathematical optimization models and methods for efficient and effective maintenance work, in close collaboration with scientists at Mathematical Sciences, SWPTC, and several member companies within wind power production and maintenance. The ultimate aim of the project is to be able to combine the automatic measurements that are made on the status of critical components and additional inspections on site, with the mathematical models developed sofar - and within the project - in such a way that following the project a maintenance app can be developed and utilized by the member companies, thereby reaping the reward for participating, and further enhancing the profitability and reliability of wind power in Sweden.

We are looking for a candidate with a strong background in applied mathematics, in particular in mathematical optimization, preferably having a fairly recent masters degree in the field or a nearby one.

The link to the position is found HERE. The Department of Mathematical Sciences at Chalmers University of Technology and the University of Gothenburg has about 170 employees, and is the largest department of mathematics in Sweden. The department conducts successful research in pure and applied mathematics and mathematical statistics in a wide range of research areas. We are located in a modern building at the centre of the Chalmers campus at Johanneberg.

Qualifications and Application

Excellent candidates shall have a strong track record in applied mathematics in general, and mathematical optimization in particular.

The application process for the PhD student position is coordinated with the joint application process for department wide PhD student positions at the Department of Mathematical Sciences. Please indicate in your application that you are interested in the PhD student position in Wind Power Production and Maintenance.