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I supervise in ECMI Modelling week 2001, Klagenfurt, Aug. 31-Sept. 9 I suggest the following topics:

A pencil beam model for charged particles

This is an interdisciplinary problem in particle/medical physics concerning electron and photon dose calculations of radiative transfer/radiation treatment.

The project is to model a forward-peaked scattering process in the linear transport equation and study both asymptotic behavior and numerical approximations for the such obtained beam particles.
A front line application is, e.g. in radiation therapy where the objective is twofold: (i) To maximize the deposit of electron dose (energy) inside seek cells (ii) To minimize the deposit of energy in surrounding healthy tissue. In this way one has an optimization (max-min) problem with many challenging and interesting aspects. A more detailed abstract can be found in the following file:

abstract (ps-file) , abstract (pdf-file) .

Implementations are easily done writing MatLab codes. However, knowledge in the following programing/software may be very much useful:
Mathematica, Fortran, PDE tool-box, and if possible DSMC (Direct Simulated Monte-Carlo).

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