Are you curious to know what mathematical research is like? Interested in an active and fun learning experience?

    The honest truth is that I never wanted to write a book. But because I love mathematics and am dedicated to helping people learn and enjoy mathematics, my students persuaded me to write books. My first book, Blast Into Math! A fun and rigorous introduction to pure mathematics is intended for anyone who is interested in pure mathematics and has the appropriate background. The purpose of this book is to introduce pure, rigorous, proof-based mathematics with an accessible and lively exposition. The book features illustrations by Henry Segerman , and is published by Bookboon, which means you can download it for FREE! Check it out!

Do you have trouble remembering the chain rule?

Research Experiences for Undergraduates which accept international students!
  • Here are some suggestions
  • SMALL at Williams
  • RIPS at UCLA
  • PCMI
  • Brown University
  • Click here to go to the course website for Fractals!