Course in Kinetic Theory

Course content


The course will take place starting the 2/9.

Unfortunately I will have to move some of these times because of meetings etc. that are already scheduled:
16/9, 23/9 (we could have one hour), 28/9, 30/9.
Possibly the only solution will be to extend the course a bit longer into the next period.


I will mostly use the following sources for the course: There will be several additions to this. Plese look at the web page.
Here are the handwritten lecture notes: p. 1-13 , l. 2 , set 3 , set 4 .
More notes here: from oct. 7 . Please observe that there are exercises in these notes.

Suggested exercises

- read these pages and solve the problems marked with red.
- there are exercises in the notes form 2010-10-07


The course will end with a written examination.

The lectures

Below I will make comments to what we actually did during the course.
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