Bernt Wennberg

Telefon: +46 (0) 31 772 5326
Adress: Department of Mathematical Sciences, Chalmers, SE41296 Göteborg
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Undervisning - Teaching

Undergraduate courses 2009-2010 Ordinary differential equations and dynamical systems MMA421
According to Nationalencyklopedin (swedish) "dynamical systems" is a "mathematical term for the long time behaviour of solutions to ordinary differential equations" (my translation), but this course deals also with time discrete systems.

Forskning - Research

My PhD thesis is about the kinetic theory of gases, and a large part of my research since then deals with related topics. More recently I have also worked on mathematical models taken from biology and medicine.

Most of my papers are listed in Chalmers Publication Library.

Kinetic theory of gases
Using the kinetic theory of gases one tries to describe gases as being a system of particles that move according to Newton's equations - but with a statistical description, because in practice it is not possible (nor even interesting) to follow each and every particle.
The kinetic theory group at the department of Mathematical Sciences is interested in a wide range of questions, from the purely theoretical to the very applied.
During the fall of 2010 I will give a course in the kinetic theory of gases. Information is given in the course web page
Mathematics of biology and medicine
Göteborg Centre for Theoretical Biology

Quantitativ biology
Works on systems biology, often with bakers yeast as a model organism..

CMR , The Sahlgrenska Center for Cardiovascular and Metabolic Reserach