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I move to IMJ-PRG. I will no longer maintain this page after December 2022. Here is the new homepage.


PhD student at Chalmers tekniska högskola, Göteborg, Sweden. My advisor is Robert Berman. I graduated in 2022. I will move to IMJ-PRG in Paris in 2023.

Domain of research: Complex geometry, Kähler geometry, pluripotential theory, non-Archimedean geometry, number theory

Email address: xiam@chalmers.se. I do not reply to any email that begins with Dear (Cher, Hejsan) Xiam

My name in Chinese characters (in case you want to write to me in Chinese): 夏铭辰(Simplified)/夏銘辰(Traditional)

I am a devout Pastafarian.

Some problems

This is a collection of problems arising from my own research that may be of interest to people outside my domain. If you know the solutions to any of the following problems, please let me know.
  • Flat pull-back of currents on complex analytic spaces
  • Compute mixed volumes of big line bundles from Okounkov bodies By a theorem of Jow (Adv. 223.4 2010), information of all Okounkov bodies determines all numerical information of line bundles. This problem asks for explicit formulae.

  • Notes


    Errare humanum est.

    All of my preprints can be found on arXiv. See also my Google scholar page.


    Pluripotential theory

    Non-Archimedean geometry and algebraic geometry

    Number theory

    Papers marked with [*] are those which I consider as containing new ideas. The other papers contain non-trivial results based on existing techniques.

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