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PhD student at Chalmers tekniska högskola, Göteborg, Sweden. My advisor is Robert Berman.

Domain of research: Complex geometry, Kähler geometry, pluripotential theory, non-Archimedean geometry

Email address: xiam@chalmers.se. I do not reply to any email that begins with Dear (Cher, Hejsan) Xiam

My name in Chinese characters (in case you want to write to me in Chinese): 夏铭辰(Simplified)/夏銘辰(Traditional)

I'm currently learning Hodge theory. Updated on December 20, 2021
I am a devout Pastafarian.

My notes


All my preprints can be found on arXiv. See also my Google scholar page.


Pluripotential theory

Non-Archimedean geometry and algebraic geometry

Sociology and statistics


I am the organizer of the KASS seminar and one of the organizers (together with Junyan Cao and Ya Deng) of the complex geometry webinar.


If I were to choose two things that I hate the most in the world, those must be teaching and following a math course. --- Wozijibiande (Famous philosopher) ps. On January 16th, 2021, I finished the last exam (MVE140/MSA150 Foundations of probability theory) in my life.

I do NOT know MatLab AT ALL and refuse to learn it. I hereby apologize to all of my students and furture students at Chalmers.

  • 2020 MVE255 Matematisk analys i flera variabler --- Teaching assistant for the MatLab part.
  • 2020 D1/T1/DV-GU Introduktionkurs --- No students.
  • 2020 TMV211 Inledande diskret matematik --- Teaching assistant.
  • 2019 MVE041 Flervariablelmatematik --- Teaching assistant for the MatLab part.
  • 2019 TMV210 Inledande diskret matematik --- Teaching assistant.
  • 2018 TMV210 Inledande diskret matematik --- Teaching assistant.
  • It is not easy to get along with those who consider MatLab as indispensable to mathematicians: Example.

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