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PhD student at Chalmers tekniska högskola, Göteborg, Sweden. My advisor is Robert Berman.

Domain of research: Complex geometry, Kähler geometry, pluripotential theory, non-Archimedean geometry

Email address: xiam@chalmers.se. I do not reply to any email that begins with Dear (Cher, Hejsan) Xiam

My name in Chinese characters (in case you want to write to me in Chinese): 夏铭辰(Simplified)/夏銘辰(Traditional)

I'm currently interested in the tropicial approach to non-Archimedean pluripotential theory. Updated on May 28, 2020


If I were to choose two things that I hate the most in the world, those must be teaching and following a math course. --- Wozijibiande (Famous philosopher)

I do NOT know MatLab AT ALL and refuse to learn it. I hereby apologize to all of my students and furture students at Chalmers.

My notes

Selected papers and preprints

All my preprints can be found on arXiv. See also my Google scholar page or my ResearchGate page.


I am the organizer of the KASS seminar and one of the organizers (together with Junyan Cao and Ya Deng) of the complex geometry webinar.

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