Bioinformatics, -theme activity at Stochastic Centre

The William Chalmers Guest Professor in spring 2000 is Professor Michael Waterman from University of Southern California, Los Angeles. He will visit the Stochastic Centre in the spring semester 2000.

There are also many other guests at Stochastic Centre during this semester, longterm as well as short-term, with interests in bioinformatics and statistics in genetics. March and May are expected to be particularly busy periods.

Guests, spring 2000

Bill Amos, Cambridge Gudrun Brattström, Stockholm University
Tom Britton, Uppsala University
Per Broberg, ASTRA, Lund
Kimmo Ericsson, Mälardalen University
Mats Gyllenberg, Åbo university Arndt von Haeseler, Leipzig
Jotun Hein, Århus
Mark Johnsson, University of Turku Timo Koski, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, and University of Turku, Turku
Juni Palmgren, Stockholm University
Dietrich von Rosen, Uppsala University
Åke Svensson, Stockholm University
Michael Waterman, University of Southern California

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