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List of speakers, titles and papers

This paper contains a list of paperes presented at the TMR-meeting, together with the abstracts. In certain cases also preprint versions are available, in that case in form of a postscript file. This is a kind of electronic conference proceeding, but please note that normally they should be considered just as preprints, which in a final version will be submitted for publication elsewhere.
Name Title Abstract Paper (ps-format)
Kazuo Aoki
Fluid-dynamic limit for a gaseous mixture and the ghost effect: Asymptotic analysis of the Boltzmann equation .ps
Alexai Arsenev
Particle method for the time-dependent Hartree-Fock equation *
Jack Banasiak
Hydrodynamic limits in extended kinetic theory * .ps
Alexander Bobylev
A kinetic model for agglutination
Luis Bonilla
A modified Chapman-Enskog procedure for Fokker-Planck type equations *
Karl Borg
Thermophoresis of Axially Symmetric Bodies .ps
Emanuele Caglioti
One dimensional granular media: particle model and kinetic description *
Carlo Cercignani
Mathematical models and problems in kinetic theory *
Stéphane Cordier
Numerical simulations of the quantum Boltzmann equation
Laurent Desvillettes
An example of "kinetic-like" equation in population dynamics.
Bob Eisenberg
Ionic channels as natural nanotubes *
Regis Ferriere
Lattice models and pair approximation in ecology *
Isaac Goldhirsch
Granular materials *
Simon Hern
Numerical Solutions for Hydrodynamical Semiconductor Models *
Mohammed Lemou
Viscoselastic fluid models derived from kinetic equations of polymers. *
Brigitte Lucquin
The grazing collision limit for the Boltzmann Lorenz model .ps
Armando Majorana
A new finite differences scheme for Boltzmann equation on semiconductor devices .ps
Giovanni Mascali
An extended fluid-dynamical model describing electron transport in semiconductors. .ps
Nader Masmoudi
Existence results for some polymeric fluids *
Antoine Mellet
A non-linear diffusion regime without the detailed balance *
Cristina Milazzo
Space Homogeneous solutions of the Boltzmann equation for an electron gas in a semiconductor .ps
Vladislav Panferov
On diffuse reflection boundary conditions for nonlinear stationary kinetic equations. *
Frédéric Poupaud
Brillouin oscillations : a mathematical proof *
Valeria Ricci
Derivation of a linear Boltzmann equation for a lattice gas *
Janis Rimshans
Numerical Method for Solution Fokker - Planck Kinetic Equations in Semiconductors *
Sergej Rjasanow
Fast deterministic method for the smoothed Boltzmann equation *
Vittorio Romano
Non parabolic band hydrodynamical model of semiconductors and simulation of electron devices. *
Francesco Salvarani
Characterization of collision kernel *
Karl Sigmund
Effects of space and frequency in models of natural selection *
Lars Söderholm
Equilibrium Temperature of Small Body in Shearing Gas Flow .ps
Giuseppe Toscani
One-dimensional kinetic models with dissipative collisions *
Wolfgang Wagner
Deterministic and stochastic models for coagulation -fragmentation processes *
Cedric Villani
Entropy/entropy dissipation inequalities for dissipative systems with granular-type friction *
Philippe Villedieu
Applications of a droplet collision model in the context of solid propulsion * .ps
Raimund Wegener
An explicitly solvable kinetic model for vehicular traffic and associated macroscopic equations *

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