Partial differential equations F, 2001,
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Guest Lecture by Prof Anders Bondeson on Computational Electromagnetics: Monday 10-12.
No lecture Thursday!


Recommended, where Lx:y = exercise y under lecture x, E = exercise (pdef2-blandade övn), P = problem (Övningsexempel i PDE):


L5:4,5 Neumann boundary conditions, P: 21a

Individual work:

L5:6,7 Robin boundary conditions. Hint: use the formula in E:13 with phi a solution of Poissons eq with f=-1.
L5:8 Poissons eq with non-homogeneous Dirichlet boundary cond.
L6:1,2,3. (The square box in exercise 3 denotes the "unit square" 0 < x,y < 1, and the ] denotes its right edge 0 < y < 1, x=1.)
CDE Pr6.2, Pr6.7, Pr6.11
P: 1ab, 13, 22


Work on project 2.


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