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in Ellös, Sweden, June 14-19, 1999

The development in the last few decades of the coupling method in pure and applied probability has been remarkable. Its basic idea is to define two or more random elements on the same probability space, in order to draw conclusions about their distributions. This idea has turned out to be useful in a wide range of contexts, from elementary topics to advanced research.

This summer school is devoted to the theory and applications of the coupling method. It is directed to graduate students with a primary interest in probability. No prior knowledge of the coupling method is required, but the participants should be familiar with basic probability founded on measure theory.

A limited number of postdocs and other junior researchers may also participate.

The total number of participants is limited to about 50.

We welcome participants from all countries: Nordic as well as others. The language of the school is English.

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For further information, please contact Olle Häggström ( or Torgny Lindvall (

The summer school is made possible by financial support from the Nordic Academy of Advanced Study (through the network Stochastic Analysis and its Applications), Chalmers University of Technology, and the Swedish Natural Science Research Council.

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