This page contains data of deformations of so called Maass forms. Before looking at the data it's wise to read this for a short explanation or this preprint for a more thorough explanation.

Each line in the datafiles corresponds to a Maass form on a particular group. The data given is the spectral parameter giving the Laplace eigenvalue and two parameters defining the group. The first column in the textfiles is the spectral parameter R and the second and third are the parameters b and a respectively defining the group. Follow any of the links above for an explanation of these parameters.

Deformations of Maass forms related to Gamma_0(5):
4.13 6.05 6.82 8.29 8.48 9.64

Deformations of Maass forms related to Gamma_0(6):
5.09 6.30 8.03 8.03 8.92 9.65 9.74

Deformations of Maass forms (seemingly) not related to any arithmetic group:
7.42 7.421 7.422 7.422 7.73 7.93 7.93 8.03 8.13 8.32 8.481 8.482 9.06 9.10 9.10 9.71 9.92

In the files below are also Fourier coefficients to 5 examples of Maass forms on nonarithmetic groups given. Each of these examples have slightly larger R than in the examples above. The figure numbers refer to the paper mentioned above.

Three nonarithmetic Maass forms with Fourier coefficients from Figure 4.2.1.
Two odd Maass forms (with Fourier coefficients) close to the avoided crossing in Figure 4.4.2.

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