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MMA410 Fourier and Wavelet Analysis

The official course description can be found here .
The examinor is Bernt Wennberg (email:; telephone: 772 5326)
Information about the examination is given below, as well as the list of litterature, and links to some downloadable material here
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  • Petra Nováčková and Jose Sanchez are student representatives in the course evaluation.
  • The instructions for computer assignement nr 1 is available.
    Please note the following: the reports must be written in English, and although they need not be complete reports, they should contain enough text for me to understand what you have done. And please try different signals (e.g. sums of a few sine and cosines) to try out filtering. Here is an example on how to work with Assignement 1.
  • The written exam will be similar to the previous ones, but it will consist of five problems. You will be allowed to bring course litterature (i.e. Bracewell, Bergh, and Bergh, Ekstedt, Lindberg, as indicated below). You may bring a calculator.
  • Because apparently many course participants do not have the Bracewell book, I have decided to allow also written notes in the exam.
  • A couple of pdf-files from my handwritten notes are available below.

Plan Comments and
suggested problems
w. 44
  • Distributions and Fourier transforms: Be 1, Br 1-4.
  • Br 2:10,13,17; 3:12,10,20,23; Be 2,3,7.
w. 45
  • Calculation of transforms etc., sampling: Be 1, Br 6-10.
  • Br 5:29; 6:1,2,3,5,9,15,32; 8:1,3,6,7,11,23,29; Be 11,13.
w. 46
w. 47
  • Multidimensional Fourier transform, Radon, Hankel, and Hilbert transform, FFT: Be 2,4, Br 11,13,14.
  • Br 9:2,3; 10:5,21,30,31; 11:5,10; 13:2,3,19,20,21,23,34; 14:27
w. 48
  • Wavelets and filter banks: BEL 1-3 Hand-in of FFT.
  • BEL 1-3
w. 49
  • Multiresolution analysis: BEL 4. to Wavelets.
  • BEL4
w. 50
  • Time in reserve and for repetition.

Course litterature

It may be a good idea to check for litterature at for example .


The examination will be based on the hand-in from three computer assignments, together with a written examination. All hand-in shall be composed individually. (However, when working with the assignments, cooperation is encouraged.) The hand-ins should be delivered either in the form of a pdf-file sent to or in the form of a paper print-out.
The hand-ins should be delivered no later than the date of the written exam. The assignments are titled FFT, Introduction to Wavelets, and Image Compression. The software program Matlab with tool-boxes is accessible within the studat computer system. Click for downloads:

  • FFT manual in pdf;
  • Introduction to Wavelets manual in pdf
    (and to carry out the lab you will also need to download the file signals.mat);
  • Image Compression manual in pdf
    and the necessary files are available in the directory Lab3filer).
There will be three opportunities (in December, Mars, and August) to sit the written examination. Click to down-load a course evaluation form. Please print the document, fill in your assesments, and deliver the form to the department secretariat.

Click to down-load some pages from my lecture notes: A, B.

Click to download some previous examination papers, with suggested solutions (please note: these should be regarded as exersizes only, and not as prototypes for the examination papers to come):
The December '06 paper in pdf; solutions in pdf.
The January '07 paper in pdf; solutions in pdf.
The August '07 paper in pdf; solutions in pdf.

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