TMA631 Projektkurs: partiella differentialekvationer TM

Spring 2001


Klas Samuelsson

Course description

The course complements the PDE courses within the TM program. The aim of the course is to give an insight into the more practical details of scientific computations with a special focus on Partial differential equations.

The course is project based and the main work will be done within the framework of student projects. In addition to this I will give lectures introducing the diffpack system and in addition giving an overview of the current methods for solving PDE problems with computers.

I have made some suggestions to projects here.

The main tool for for numerical simulations which is suggested to be used for the project is Diffpack. Part of the available lectures will be used to introduce this library for finite element computations. Some links and hints for Diffpack is given here.


The available time for lectures are Mondays 13-17 and Fridays 8-12 in MD1. Not all of these lecture times will be used. In the beginning there will be more lectures in order to faster get started with the projects.

The remaining time I'm available for consultations.


H.P. Langtangen: Computational Partial Differential Equations, Springer-Verlag, 1999.

Hand out material. Information will be avaliable at the web page for the course.

It will also be useful with a book on C++.

I have made a small page with links to various other places.

Detailed course program

This is a preliminary description of the main topics the lectures will cover:

  • Introduction to Diffpack
    • C++ and Object Oriented Programming
    • Menu use Visualization and other Tools
Finite element methods:
  • Overview
  • Implementation
    • Model problems
    • Datastructures
    • Efficiency
  • Extensions
    • Time dependent problems
    • Nonlinear PDEs
  • Application areas
    • Fluid mechanics
    • Solid mechanics
  • Mesh generation, Preprocessing
  • Methods
    • Adaptivity
    • Error control
    • Multigrid
A guest lecture by Mårten Levenstam, Crash Simulation, Volvo Cars Safety Center, is planned.


Written and oral presentation of the projects.

Additional material

I will later add additional information here.

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