Beyond the usual registration as for every course at Chalmers, you have to register for the course on Chalmers PingPong. Before you get access to the course’s PingPong site, you have to perform the usual registration (for PhD students see below).


You can apply and register using the Chalmers Student Portal, before the deadline has passed. After that, please contact your Student Center.

University of Gothenburg

Register via the GU Student Portal.

PhD students

This information is updated: PhD students do not have to register for the course. Please, however, talk to me so that I can let you register in PingPong. After the course, I report results to the PhD-Ladok system, and your adviser/examiner will have to decide on how many credit points you receive for the course. It is advisble to discuss with them the attending of this course beforehand.

Relevant contacts

Jeanette Montell (study administrator)

Phone 772 53 88
Room L2066

Damiano Ognissanti (study advisor)

Phone 772 35 05
Room L2065

Computer Lab Seesions

There are three computer lab sessions offered in TimeEdit, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You should participate in two of them, preferably Monday and Friday. For the time being, Wednesday is a backup time slot for those who can not make it to either of the remaining time slots. This might be adjusted after the first one or two weeks to balance the number of attendees.attendees.


You can reach me at My office is L2097, Tvärgata 3 in Johanneberg. Chalmers offers you a map.


After passing all assignments you receive a passing grad (i.e. 3 or G). You can sign up for examination to get a higher grade. Regardless of how you perform in the exam, you are guaranteed a grad of 3 or G.

Note that PhD students usually do not need any examination, since their grading scheme covers one passing grad only. Inform yourself on whether this is the case for your PhD program.

The exam is a combined take-home/oral exam: Your solution to the assignments counts as the take-home exam. In addition, every group is required to give a short presentation on one of the assignents on threads, OpenMP, OpenCL, or MPI. You sign up as a group (i.e. hpcgroupXX) for a time slot on a list that I make available before lectures and during lab sessions.

Presentations take place in my office L2097 in MV-huset, Chalmers Tvärgata 3. You give the presentation on a whiteboard. Each presentation is 10 minutes long, were 1 minute is counted as curtesy to arrive and settle. For groups of three students, each is expected to speak 3 minutes. For groups of two, each is expected to speak 4.5 minutes. Each student chooses one aspect of the assignment and explains in condensed form its theoretical and practical sides.

Student representatives

Student representatives for the course TMA881 High performance computing are

Program Name Email
TKTEM Christian Al-Maleh
MPENM Maria Faisal
MPENM Otto Alexander Gee
MPENM Simon Johansson
UTBYTE Tobias Pankert