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TMS031 and MSA250 Design of Experiments (Spring 2016)


The course includes two obligatory projects: the first one is to find the optimal design of a paper helicopter, see, and the second can be either one of the suggested problems or a problem of your own. Evaluation of the first project will be based on your written reports. For the second project - both a report and a 10 minute presentation by the group members are required. The presentation of the second project is scheduled according to the plan of lectures. Guidelines for writing the reports, as well as pieces of advice towards successful completion of the projects will be given during the consultation hours. The consultation (15-20 minutes per group) is not obligatory but highly recommended, as you may also ask any questions related to the projects.

It is recommended to work in groups of (at most) four participants.


Consultation hours (prel.)

Deadline for the report

Project 1

Jan. 28; 13:15-17:00
Feb. 9; 10:00-11:45

Feb. 12; 16:00

Project 2

Feb. 16; 10:00-11:45
Feb. 18; 13:15-15:00

Feb. 26; 16:00


The consultation takes place in the office L3071 of Claes Andersson, at the Department of Mathematical Sciences. Please, bring a short preliminary plan - the ideal case is that you already have a suggestion for the design of your experiment, e.g. design matrix, defining relations, alias structure and so on, and have thought through practical details and possible stumbling blocks.

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