Differential Equations and Scientific Computing TMA185 Kf-Bt-2 Part II 2003



Nils Svanstedt
Phone: 7725346,
E-mail: nilss@math.chalmers.se
Web page: www.math.chalmers.se/~nilss
Matematiskt centrum, rum 2335

Teaching assistant:
Anders Logg
E-mail: logg@math.chalmers.se
Web page: www.math.chalmers.se/~logg

Course description

This course is a natural continuation of the course DETB-a Differential Equations and Scientific Computing Part I. As a preparation the Poisson and linear heat equation are revisited. Topics that are covered includes time stepping and Finite Element methods for evolution problems. PDE's covered include convection-diffusion problems, nonlinear reaction-diffusion problems. Systems of couples PDE's. In the individual project based major part of the course the study can extend also to wave equations or e.g. incompressible fluid flow problems. The lectures will cover various theoretical aspects of computational mathematics and will serve as a complement to the Computer Sessions where the students work individually or in groups with practical and theoretical aspects of computational mathematics using the self contained material found in Computer Sessions.


Lectures (4 h/week) and Computer Sessions (4 h/week).


Lectures: Mondays 13-15 och Tuesdays 10-12, in KC.
Computer Studio: Tuesdays 13-15 and Wednesdays 8-10, in KD1,2.

Examination / projekt

There is no written final exam in this course. The examination is based on a project which is normally carried out in small groups of say three students. The examination is based on an oral exam and a written report at the end of the Quarter. Follow this link for guidelines about projects and examination (in Swedish).


Applied Mathematics: Body & Soul del I-III

Computational Differential Equations

PDE Lecture Notes.

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