ALA-A, 2004, week 7

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Overview of the whole course. Repetition.


Understanding Newton's method also for systems of equations..

Activity plan:

L=Lecture, S=Studio, G=Group work

Lecturer: Stig Larsson

L1: Newton's method for systems of equations. Lecture notes: 90. Linearization and Newton's method. (ps)

S1: Newton's Method for Systems

G1: Exercises from : 90. Linearization and Newton's method. (ps)
Consider the exams from 99, 00, 01 and 02, 03

L2: Repetition.

S2: Repetition.

G2: Last chance to get questions answered by paid Math teachers in ALA-A.

Matlab consultation: Thursday 17-19, room KD1, tutor: David Heintz.